I’ve learned a lot in Girls Moving Forward because in the beginning of the year I had no respect for myself, adults, and friends.  Then I came to Girls Moving Forward
At Moving Forward Education, we know that students' achievement in school is about more than academic ability. There are many social pressures facing youth today that impact their performance in school. We pair intensive academic tutoring with captivating social and emotional learning because we know that increased confidence will unlock a student’s full potential. We offer small group after-school programs to meet the unique needs of every student, at every school site.
and it changed me.  The tutors were great and had respect for their selves.  Every Tuesday when I walked in the room I felt happy because I could share my feelings with the tutors.  They sat and talked to me, and I learned as a person how to express myself more.  Girls Moving Forward has given me the privilege to speak up and take responsibility for myself.  I changed from bad to terrific.  My teacher told me that I improved in my math and reading.  I’ve learned a lot in this program.  How to show the littlest kids in the program I’m a leader.  There was a book we read and Sal was confident, honest, respectful, and patient.  She’s just like me.

I                 this program!

Jazmyn, 4th Grade, Santa Fe Elementary School
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